A Co-op Experience: Rylie Davidson

August 09, 2019

As summer is nearing its end for a lot of students, we have to say goodbye to our summer interns. Rylie, one of our summer interns, has been working alongside our interior designers and architects on a multiple projects. Working in a studio environment can give young designers a better understanding of what lies ahead after graduation. As a studio where all voices are heard, we wanted Rylie to speak on her experience here.


Tell us a little bit about your background.

I am going into my fourth year at Oklahoma State University working toward a degree in Interior Design. I live and grew up in Oklahoma, and I decided to come to Boston for a summer internship to experience life and design in the city

What made you want to study interior design?

I have always had two rivaling personalities, one being analytical and the other being creative. Interior design allows me to embrace both sides by creating unique designs to solve problems. I love the idea that the spaces we live in have a direct impact on our lives, and I want to do my part in making those spaces as effective as possible.

What did you learn over the summer with WBA?

I have learned so much this summer. I think the most impactful part was learning how every small decision made in the beginning of a project ultimately have a large influence on the overall design. Getting to see behind the curtain helped me better understand the role architecture plays in interior design.

What surprised you most about working at an architecture firm?

I was surprised by how often the interiors and architecture staff works together. There was a fluidity that helped everyone get more involved in every aspect of the design. This was extremely helpful because I was able to learn things that I wouldn’t typically be taught working solely on interiors.

Where do you hope to go from here?

I will go back to Oklahoma State in the fall and finish my degree in the spring. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I hope it involves coming back to Boston and putting the knowledge I gained at WBA to work.

Most importantly, did you enjoy your time at Wilson Butler Architects? (And what was your favorite part?)

I had such a great experience at Wilson Butler! For me, the best part was getting to learn about a section of design that is hardly ever discussed: ship design. It’s such a unique and creative experience, and I’m lucky to have learned about it from people with a passion and expertise that I hope to match in the future.


WBA was happy to have Rylie as part of our team this summer. We wish her the best for her final year at school and hope to see a lot more of her work in the future!