A Co-op Experience: Sam Pham

August 28, 2019

Today marks the last day Sam Pham will punch in as an intern with Wilson Butler Architects. Sam has become an integral part of our model shop team, helping to create some amazing models over the past few months. But before we say our goodbyes we wanted to get some insight on Sam’s background and his experience working with WBA:


Tell us about yourself and yourself and your background.

I am a graduate student pursuing my Master of Architecture degree at Northeastern University. I will be entering my third and final year of the program this semester. I was born and raised around the Boston area and have always loved it here. I moved back after living in Burlington, Vermont for several years where I attended the University of Vermont for my undergraduate degree.

What made you decide architecture was for you?

When I was younger, I always wondered why the architect of the Death Star would include a fatal design flaw that a single proton torpedo from an X-Wing would destroy the entire ship. Ever since then, I decided to I wanted to be an architect so that the next time a Death Star was built, I can make sure that design flaw is eliminated.

What was the biggest takeaway from your summer at WBA?

One big takeaway from my summer at WBA is that constant communication and collaboration within project teams is crucial for the success of projects. It was great to experience how architectural projects come together in the world outside of studios in school. I’ve learned so many new skills from working with coworkers who have been in this industry for years, which is something I would not have been able to do in an academic setting.

What surprised you most about working at an architecture firm?

I was surprised by how many different projects I was involved in while working here. Being in the model shop enabled me to work with several teams and work with a bunch of different people. This exposure really helped me gain a better understanding of the firm’s design philosophy and the process of architecture projects.

What’s next for you?

This fall I will be entering the final year of my master’s program where I hope to continue to learn and gain valuable skills for a career in architecture. I look forward to implementing the new skills and knowledge that I’ve gained working at WBA into my school projects.

Most importantly, did you enjoy your time at Wilson Butler Architects? (And what was the best part)

I really enjoyed my time working at WBA! The office culture here is terrific and I had a great experience meeting and working with everyone here. As someone who has a huge interest in venue, theatre, and performance space design, I am so grateful to have had the experience to be involved with a firm that specializes in that type of architecture.


Sam won’t be gone for long, though. This fall, he will be coming back to WBA to continue helping the team on more projects part time! We wish him the best luck on his first couple weeks back at school and his final year at Northeastern. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes!