Nick Lima is one of the designers behind Muro Performante, a project on display at ABX 2019

November 01, 2019

Inspired by Erwin Hauer’s emblematic sculptural screens, Muro Performante’s fabrication began with a 3D printed module that was encapsulated within a silicone mold with the end ability to cast replications. The main difference with regards the modernist version, it is that Muro Performante cannot not only be used for interior design but also to improve building performance. The assembled pattern and the modules form is configured via design computation to maximize winter Sun and minimize summer Sun at the given location and orientation in Boston, making it a perfect addition to a glass façade. The research behind this project will become the backbone of the advanced digital fabrication course with the specific emphasis on casting to be offered in the Spring 2019 at the Boston Architectural College.

Want to know more? Muro Performante will be on display at ABX 2019  from November 6 through  7 at the BCEC. Booth: 367.

This casting work is explored by the EDCO grant awarded by the Boston Architectural College and supported by Sasaki Associates, Inc.