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As the symphony is composed of talented musicians, delicious food is the artful mixing of ingredients, sums are comprised of their parts, we come together to make great experiences.

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Scott Wilson, AIA

Director Emeritus
“Those who know me well can tell you how long I’ve talked about the day when I can spend my summers on Casco Bay and log fewer miles on airplanes,” Wilson said. “My wife and I built a house on Little Diamond Island and the dream is to spend more time there with friends and family. While I will miss the clients and everyone I work with, I am looking forward to puttering around with boats and perhaps build one or two or three from the keel up. But I will never be too far away from WBA and watch the legacy of the great family and great firm grow further and reach beyond my wildest dreams.”

Co-Founder Scott Wilson has officially retired. 

The staff, clients, and friends of Wilson Butler Architects are celebrating the 45-year career of the firm’s co-founder Scott Wilson as he prepares for his next big project – retirement. Scott Butler, Wilson’s longtime collaborator, friend, and firm co-founder, along with Thomas Hains, Rebecca Durante, Rob Levash, Ben Marcionek, and Paul Vaivoda, will continue leading the company. The retirement is part of an ongoing transition that includes advancing the next generation of firm leaders – a methodical process which started in 2012.“It’s impossible to overstate the impact Scott continues to have on all the fortunate people he taught, mentored, and inspired throughout his career, including me,” said Butler. “His passion for designing and building performing arts venues is only surpassed by the demanding standards he established for the quality of work the firm will continue to produce.  The one positive about his retirement is there will be less confusion when someone asks for ‘Scott’.” For more details, click here.