At WBA most projects get modeled! It’s part of our design process, and we believe it to be the best way to understand space.

People appreciate our architectural goals more clearly than if we did not have the model. Right now it is "on tour" to various locations for display. It's a model that just keeps on giving. Douglas Meyer, Executive Director Nittany Performing Arts Centre

Showcasing our design direction and creative vision with a hands-on approach.

Seeing is Believing.

In our 26+ years of experience, we have found that there is no substitute for physical representation. A model is an incredibly powerful tool that helps everyone see and understand spaces as well as the relationships between spaces.

Getting Curious.

Models spark conversation, prompt questions, and foster solutions. We encourage our clients to get curious. Our models are not a static display piece. Move elements around,  remove one completely. Take the floors off layer by layer. Explore the space. Build an understanding that can only come from hands-on engagement. These types of interactions open communication for creative direction.

Ever Evolving.

As the projects evolve, so do the models. From constantly changing a presented model to making new models at different scales, they are working prototypes of all aspects. From the existing site to details such as furniture layouts and custom carpet alongside wall finishes, different models are created to tell different stories through the design process.

Ultimately, building models in different phases of the design process results in the creation of unique experiences that we and our clients are proud to call our own.