At WBA most projects get modeled! It’s part of our design process, and we believe it to be the best way to understand space.

Showcasing our design direction and creative vision with a hands-on approach.

Seeing is Believing.

In our 20+ years of experience, we have found that there is no substitute for physical representation. A model is an incredibly powerful tool that helps everyone see and understand spaces as well as the relationships between spaces.

Getting Curious.

Models spark conversation, prompt questions, and foster solutions. We encourage our clients to get curious. Move elements around. Explore the space. Build an understanding that can only come from hands-on engagement. These types of interactions open communication for creative direction.

Ever Evolving.

As the projects evolve, so do the models. They are working prototypes. From the initial site and buildings models to details such as furniture layouts and custom carpet alongside wall finishes, different models are created to tell different stories through the design process.

Ultimately, building models in different phases of the design process results in the creation of unique experiences that we and our clients are proud to call our own.

  • May 11, 2021

    Wilson Butler Architects celebrates its 24th Anniversary!

    As we look back on our 24 years of history, we want to celebrate the two driving forces behind the success of our firm and our clients – passion and resiliency. Particularly during the last year! We look forward to the years to come serving and supporting the entertainment industry by bringing passion to our

  • April 22, 2021

    Scott Wilson & Scott Butler honored by the Boston Arts Academy Foundation for a Legacy of Achievement in the Visual Arts.

    The Boston Arts Academy Foundation will honor Scott Wilson, AIA and Scott Butler, AIA during the annual BAA Honors celebration on Saturday, May 1, 2021. The pair is among seven individuals to be honored during the Foundation’s signature annual event to support Boston Arts Academy (BAA), the city’s only public high school for the visual

  • March 02, 2021

    WBA PROMOTIONS: Celebrating three team members.

    We are delighted to announce the promotions of three team members in recognition of their work and importance to the future of Wilson Butler Architects. The promotions are a statement of the value they represent to the firm and reflect our commitment to gender diversity. Please join us in congratulating Kelly Chiaradonna, now a Senior