Paying it Forward

We recognize how fortunate we are. As individuals, we come together to practice an art and have been lucky enough to create a successful business out of it too. We understand that to achieve what we have is getting harder and harder. Education costs are rising, funding for arts and music in schools are being marginalized daily and basic human needs are not within reach for everyone. So, ever since we found ourselves in a position to, we pay it forward.

We give to Rosie’s Place, the Pine Street Inn, and the Greater Boston Food Bank, charities that support our less fortunate and those who lack the most basic of needs of food, shelter, and clothing. We pay it forward to organizations that enlighten and engage, preserve and conserve, such as WBUR and WGBH.

We support organizations in our backyard and across the country. We see education as the key, to well…. everything. We give to our alma maters to support the next generation of architects and artists. We understand how lucky we are. Exposure to the arts and music in our youth helped us explore and discover architecture. So we pay it forward to the arts. We support Boston Arts Academy Foundation, Berklee College of Music, Boch Center, Company Theatre, Lyric Stage Company, SpeakEasy Stage Company and many more local and national arts organizations.