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“Art at the Heart” re-imagined BU’s College of Fine Arts (CFA) on Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue as the heart of the campus. The plan calls for a pedestrian friendly connection and an increase in green/open spaces in the critical axis that now physically separates the East and West Campuses of Boston University. Although visions of this study have yet to be actualized, the desire to improve and revitalized this campus hinge area remains.

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The Plan celebrates the inspiring development potential inherent in the central campus location of the CFA. The Vision Plan, called “Art at the Heart: A Vision for BU” identifies and explores opportunities to strengthen, unify and enliven the University as a whole, using the College’s artistic variety and vibrancy as a catalyst.

Through studies of the campus’ site context, with special focus on the CFA’s renovation plans and its concentration of buildings where the BU Bridge meets Commonwealth Avenue, Wilson Butler designers developed a number of urban design recommendations that would benefit the CFA, the University, and the City of Boston. One key design concept of the Plan is to develop a central campus “quad” where the BU Bridge meets Commonwealth Ave. The newly formed quad is envisioned be utilized for current campus activities like University commencements, as well as a venue to present cultural events featuring the artists and performers at the CFA.

Administrators were inspired by the “dream-campus” design that also celebrated the CFA as a physically central and unifying component of the University.

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