first dry slide at sea + clear tube waterslides + eat mini

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    Length: 1,118 FT | Tonnage: 226,963 GT | Deck Count: 16 passenger decks


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The third ship of the Oasis Class broke new grounds yet again, claiming the title of the world’s largest cruise ship in 2016. These ships have the distinction of being the largest and most revolutionary ships at sea with a capacity of over 6,000 passengers. Take the plunge 10-stories down in the first ever dry slide at sea, or zoom down the dual racing water slides, a first for the Oasis class. Enjoy a walk through the lush, open-air park nicknamed Central Park, or stroll down the newly re-designed Boardwalk. Harmony of the Seas is the biggest and boldest adventure to ever set sail in the Caribbean!

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After developing and completing two Oasis class ships, Wilson Butler Architects was again invited to improve upon the next generation of ships in its class. The third vessel was contracted to be built at a new shipyard and we took this opportunity to refine many aspects of the new masterplan and enhance the passenger experience. Our services stemmed from big picture upgrades to the Boardwalk, Central Park, and Open Deck neighborhoods, to the tiniest detailing of replacing all fluorescent fixtures to minimalist LED lights, no small feat! So what’s new?  Read on to find out.

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What do you get when you combine kitschy with comedy? You get the newest venue on Harmony, The Attic! Laugh your pants off when you attend the hilarious on-board comedians, or dance the night away when the venue transforms into a captivating night club, complete with its own DJ.

In the evening, the 750-seat AquaTheater transforms the boardwalk into an acrobatic, high-flying, diving extravaganza. With beautifully choreographed fountain shows and hundreds of water nozzles programmed to lights and music, this outdoor water and stage show illustrates the innovation that is inherent in the designs of Wilson Butler Architects.

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Our interior designer shares her two cents when re-designing the onboard venue, Park Cafe:

“Our goal in designing the Park Café was to create a venue dedicated to and inspired by Central Park. We wanted a fresh approach that created a modern, yet very comfortable environment. Many people associate gardens and parks with relaxation, a home-away-from-home, wellness and often,  food. We wanted to capture this feeling with natural textures, graphics, colors and materials—all within an environment that was pleasant, light and airy. “ – Rebecca Durante, Senior Interior Designer

Are you a connoisseur of miniature cuisine? Stop by our newest venue, Mini Bites, and order yourself some mini hot dogs, mini wraps, tiny grilled cheese, even the dessert menu is mini! We reimagined the quick-bite concept by creating a unique grab-n-go space to fight off your hunger.

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Among the new special features on-board is the guest-favorite Ultimate Abyss, the biggest dry slide at sea, also nicknamed the scariest ride at sea. The ride is not for the faint-hearted; guests are greeted by a monster-like fish with big eyes and fangs, the only way in is through the fishes mouth. As nerves set in, you are escorted up a set of rib-like stairs where you soon encounter a glass-plank floor at the top, with views of a 100-foot drop into the aqua theater below. If this is just the start, can you imagine what the rest of the experience will be?!

Want to get your feet wet? Head over to the dual racing waterslides and race a friend, or take a plunge down into the Champagne bowl. Keeping with Royal tradition, the attraction is not your typical run-of-the-mill waterslides, two of the slides are equipped with a clear acrylic tube that overlooks Central Park.

Of course you can also visit our other great innovations on the Oasis Class. Studio B is an interchangeable, multi-function, 900-seat arena featuring the first ice rink at sea. Central Park is even better than before, with new species of plants and trees.

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