Staging a Comeback: Creative solutions for theaters and performing arts centers as they enter their re-opening phase.

July 16, 2020

At Wilson Butler Architects, we create experiences through an engaging process with an eye for the theatrical and a compelling vision. We push creative boundaries and design social spaces people want to experience time after time.  Qualities such as these are needed now more than ever as theaters, performing arts centers, and large gathering spots across the world have been shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The arts are critical to our well-being. This belief drives us to explore and curate operational and design solutions that make public performing spaces safer as they reopen, while contributing to their long-term sustainability.

As architects, it’s our role to design places where the community can feel safe and enjoy themselves. Humor can get us through anything, particularly when facing uncertainty and distress so please allow for some tongue-in-cheek moments. Starting on July 16, we will post ideas and design concepts that can help our friends and clients move forward. Our SIX guiding principles are:

HW: Prioritize health & Wellbeing

MI: Minimize Intrusion on patron/guest experience

AI: Accessible & Inclusive

AD: Adaptable as the disease dictates

OS: Operationally Sustainable

FV: Financially Viable

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Please click here to download the Staging-A-Comeback Sneak Peek: A collection of creative ideas to help theaters reopen safely.